The Importance of Flossing

September 15, 2021

Flossing usually starts when your child has 2 teeth that touch. This is often around ages 2 to 3. Always floss under the direction of your child’s dentist or primary care provider. Before that age there is no need to floss. Children often need help with flossing until they are ages 8 to 10. Brushing teeth correctly and consistently helps remove most dental plaque. But brushing alone can’t remove plaque that is located in places that a toothbrush can’t reach. This includes in between the teeth and under the gums.

In addition to removing plaque, flossing also helps:

  • Remove debris that sticks to teeth between the teeth and under the gums
  • Polish tooth surfaces
  • Control bad breath

Regular, consistent flossing is the single most important weapon against plaque. It may be more important than the toothbrush.

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